sensory aphasia

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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  • sensory aphasia — n inability to understand spoken, written, or tactile speech symbols that results from damage (as by a brain lesion) to an area of the brain (as Wernicke s area) concerned with language called also receptive aphasia, Wernicke s aphasia * * *… …   Medical dictionary

  • sensory aphasia — noun aphasia characterized by fluent but meaningless speech and severe impairment of the ability understand spoken or written words • Syn: ↑Wernicke s aphasia, ↑fluent aphasia, ↑receptive aphasia, ↑impressive aphasia • Hypernyms: ↑aphasia * * *… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Transcortical sensory aphasia — Transcortical Sensory Aphasia, or TSA, is a type of Aphasia where sufferers have poor comprehension, but have fluent, grammatical speech. Patients can communicate well and are capable of good repetition. The main problem lies within the brain in… …   Wikipedia

  • Aphasia — For other uses, see Aphasia (disambiguation). Aphasia Classification and external resources ICD 10 F80.0 F80.2, R …   Wikipedia

  • aphasia — /afeyzh(iy)a/ Loss of the faculty or power of articulate speech. A condition in which the patient, while retaining intelligence and understanding and with the organs of speech unimpaired, is unable (in motor aphasia ) to utter articulate words,… …   Black's law dictionary

  • Aphasia — Literally aphasia means no speech. Aphasia can apply to a defect in expression or comprehension. * * * Impaired or absent comprehension or production of, or communication by, speech, writing, or signs, due to an acquired lesion of the dominant… …   Medical dictionary

  • Conduction aphasia — Classification and external resources Broca s area and Wernicke s area MeSH …   Wikipedia

  • Receptive aphasia — DiseaseDisorder infobox Name = Receptive aphasia Caption = Broca s area and Wernicke s area ICD10 = ICD10|F|80|2|f|80 ICD9 = ICD9|315.32 ICDO = OMIM = DiseasesDB = MedlinePlus = eMedicineSubj = eMedicineTopic = MeshID = D001041 Receptive aphasia …   Wikipedia

  • Wernicke's aphasia — Wer·nicke s aphasia ver nə kəz , kēz n SENSORY APHASIA specif sensory aphasia in which the affected individual speaks words fluently but without meaningful content Wer·nicke ver nə kə Carl (1848 1905) German neurologist. Wernicke is important for …   Medical dictionary

  • Mixed transcortical aphasia — is the least common of the three transcortical aphasias (behind transcortical motor aphasia and transcortical sensory aphasia, respectively). Mixed transcortical aphasia is characterized by severe speaking and comprehension impairment, but with… …   Wikipedia

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